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Information Research Tech 2

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Classification Details

Classification Information

Classification Title Information Research Tech 2
Classification Code 42850
FLSA Non-Exempt

Position Details

Position Information

Position Title Information Research Tech 2
Position Number 130070
Pay Grade 7
Department Office of Financial Services - 40100
Expectations for All Employees:

East Tennessee State University pursues its mission based upon core values. An employee’s job performance must support and exhibit the university’s core values: PEOPLE come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential; RELATIONSHIPS are built on honesty, integrity and trust; DIVERSITY of people and thought is respected; EXCELLENCE is achieved through teamwork, leadership, creativity, and a strong work ethic; EFFICIENCY is achieved through wise use of human and financial resources; and COMMITMENT to intellectual achievement is embraced.

Job Summary
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of computers.
  • Ability to perform calculations.
  • Ability to type.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
Required Qualifications

High School Diploma or equivalent required, with 1-2 years of college preferred; two years related experience required.

Preferred Qualifications
Physical Demands
Supervision Given and Received
Version Date July 2007

Job Duties

These are the job duties required of the position.

Description of Job Duty
  • Balances RSWP and FWSP student workers.
  • Checks and verifies accuracy of hours on manual time sheets that have been submitted by departments.
  • Performs computer data entry for hours received.
  • Responds to employee’s request for information concerning student worker time entered.
  • Researches any problem that has occurred with manual or TRS entered time.
  • Researches payroll information for employees and students.
  • Answers phone questions from employees and students.
  • Helps any employee or student who comes in to the office with questions.
  • Enters information into spread sheet for monthly payroll.
  • Adds new pay rate information for salaries, extra pay and longevity.
  • Writes on any additional information needed for balancing.
  • Balances employee deductions to billing, requests and mails checks to 24 different companies for tax-sheltered annuities.
  • Maintains files for each annuity company.
  • Sets-up assignments for Graduate Assistants.
  • Enters contract information on the banner system and on HRS.
  • Enters direct deposit information and W-4 information into banner system.
Job Duty Type Essential
Description of Job Duty
  • Helps payroll manager and accountants with twice monthly payroll check out.
  • Types all correspondence, corrected W-2’s and other assigned typing.
  • Researches information concerning lost or stolen checks.
  • Communicates with banks and issues stop payment, notifies accounting of all stop payments and requests re-issue of a new check.
  • Trains new employees on the time reporting system.
  • Performs job requests for unprocessed list and all transactions that are fed into TRS and all reports that are created in TRS and used for balancing.
  • Serves as back up person for maintaining the TRS security file that enables new user’s access to the files.
  • Interviews and hires student workers and graduate assistant.
  • Maintains time sheets and schedules for students.
  • Completes annual evaluation of students.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
Job Duty Type Secondary